This project involves multiple collaborators from different countries. Listed below are only the core research team
Principal Investigator:
Associate Professor Alexandre Schaefer

Dr. Alexandre Schaefer is currently an associate professor of psychology at Monash University (Malaysia Campus) since 2013, and he previously worked for the universities of Durham and Leeds (UK), Yale University, Washington University, and the University of Louvain (Belgium). So far, his research has been funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), UK’s research councils (BBSRC and ESRC), the Belgian national fund for scientific research (FNRS), the Nuffield foundation, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Malaysian ministry of education.

For more than 20 years, he has worked in the field of human emotions and their relationships with cognitive processes. The promise of this field of research is to contribute towards a better understanding of mental health disorders linked to a dysfunction of emotions (e.g. depression and anxiety disorders). In recent years, He has also developed a research programme exploring how socioeconomic factors affect mental health, decision-making and cognitive function, with a particular focus on populations from developing countries.

Dr Schaefer has taught both in the Department of Psychology (e.g. PSY2061 Biological Psychology) and in the MBA programme of the School of Business (MBA 5730 Critical Thinking and Problem-solving). He also provides consultancy services to external partners in the field of psychological assessment.

Professor Dr. Tin Tin Su

Prof Dr. Tin Tin Su joined Monash University Malaysia as a Professor in the Global Public Health division in August 2018 and became the Director of the South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO) in October 2020. She obtained her Doctorate in Medicine from the School of Medicine, Heidelberg University, Germany (2006).

Professor Su is passionate about improving population health via community engagement, social epidemiology, and implementation science research. Her research has been supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Research Council UK (MRC-UK); John Templeton Foundation (USA), Ministry of Education-Malaysia, and various internal grants. Professor Su is an executive board member of the International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) and the Asian region director. She is an honorary professor at the University of Malaya (Malaysia) and a visiting scholar at the Queen’s University of Belfast (UK).

Dr. Jason Ng Wei Jian

Dr. Jason Ng Wei Jian is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of Department for the Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics. A former student at Monash University Malaysia, Dr. Jason Ng returned to his Alma mater, joining the university as an academic staff in August 2012. Dr. Jason Ng completed both his BComm (Hons) degree in Economics and Econometrics, and his PhD in Econometrics at Monash University Australia. An early career researcher, his research interests include the areas of subjective well-being, Malaysian housing affordability, and Malaysian political science. He is also involved in translational research projects that involve orang asli communities and children in vulnerable communities.

An econometrician by training, Dr. Jason Ng is also moving towards the area of data science, and is an avid user of R which is widely used by statisticians and data miners. He is a certified data professional by the Centre of Applied Data Science, having completed their 2 month course on Enterprise Data Analytics. By leveraging on his data analytical skills, he is working towards contributing to the formulation of evidence-based policies which would impact society.

Co-Investigator: Chan Jee Kei
  • PhD Candidate, Monash University
  • Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Department of Psychology
  • Email: Jee.Chan@monash.edu

Co-Investigator: Dexter Shee

  • PhD Candidate, Monash University, Malaysia Campus
  • Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Department of Psychology
  • Email: dexter.shee@monash.edu

Dexter Shee joined Monash University Malaysia in 2015 as a research assistant in the Neurobusiness Behavioural Laboratory. His work primarily involved psychological and behavioural research using cognitive neuroscience techniques, including electroencephalogram (EEG) and eye-tracking technology. During this period, he has gained experience both in laboratory and field studies, collaborating with researchers on multidisciplinary projects both in academia and in the private sector, and took on leadership roles in the various research projects. He has also co-authored several published papers on the results of these studies. Currently, Dexter is pursuing his graduate studies as a full-time PhD candidate. His research interests include aging, socioeconomic differences, decision making, and cognitive health.

Co-Investigator: Leila Maynair

  • PhD Candidate, Monash University, Malaysia Campus

Leila received her undergraduate degree (Bachelor Arts & Social Sciences) majoring in psychology and minoring in gender studies in the year 2014. She then went on to pursue an Honors Degree Bachelor of Arts & Social Sciences, specializing in gender and religious studies. In 2017 she completed her Masters of Professional Counselling and became a licensed and registered counsellor in Malaysia. She has gained experience in working with underprivileged communities such as the migrants and refugees in Malaysia. Currently, Leila is pursuing her PhD in Monash University Malaysia while tutoring the undergraduate courses and freelancing as a Counsellor. Her research work focuses on the mental impact of COVID-19.

Co-Investigator: Wang Junyi

  • University of Melbourne

Wang Junyi is currently a J.D. candidate at the University of Melbourne. She received her Master’s in professional counselling and psychology (honours) Bachelor degrees from Monash University. She has worked with populations from less advantaged backgrounds including refugees, trauma survivors, and rural populations in both clinical and research settings. The recent publication includes (with R. S. K. Ting, L. Sundararajan, Y. Luo & K. J. Zhang), "Resilience revisited: AIDS and resilience among a Yi ethnic minority in Southwest China" in Theory & Psychology (2021).

Co-Investigator: Mehrdad Khanifam

  • Monash University Malaysia

Mehrdad Khanifam is one of the investigators of the CORONARISK project. He holds a B.Sc.. In Psychological science and is currently an Honours student at Monash University Malaysia.